The Mind is Primary

Mark Twight was one of CrossFit's early adopters. He's a mountaineer turned endurance athlete who built an unlikely career as a trainer to the stars. It hard to find now (for free, at least), but Twight wrote extensively about the proper mental approach to fitness. The video below, taken from the gym Twight founded (cleverly [...]

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The Path To Greatness

On the last basketball team I played on, we had an inspirational message posted in the locker room. It was attributed to Magic Johnson, but I've never been able to find it elsewhere so I figure our coach just made it up and said Magic Johnson said it to give it some credibility. I can't [...]

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The Definition of Success

I was obsessed with basketball growing up. I was an 80's baby growing up near Los Angeles so the Showtime Lakers were my heroes. I was an outside shooter so Michael Cooper and Byron Scott were my favorites; I'd play in the driveway for hours, pretending to hit the game winning shot. Somehow it never [...]

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Our Values – pt. 1

Hi there - I'm Bryan. I'm the owner of CrossFit Inconceivable. I'll be taking over the blog (taking it over from, uh, myself) for the next 30 days to share "my story" - an overview of my fitness journey, why I bought a CrossFit gym, what I love about this gym, and whatever else I [...]

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June = Fitness Testing

In June, we’ll be testing you across the 10 general physical skills — Strength, Power, Flexibility, Stamina, Accuracy, Agility, Cardiovascular Endurance, Co-ordination, Speed and Balance — in as many ways as possible so that we can help keep track of your progress and create better, more targeted goals for you. Our fitness tests were developed [...]

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Why I’m Doing The Open: Haley

Name/Age: Haley Mt. Joy/ 20yrs Occupation: Student at SOU Years CrossFitting: Joined in September 2018 Did you do The Open last year? If so, did you have any kind of PR’s or try anything new? This is my first Open but I started to become interested in professional CrossFit athletes around this time last year [...]

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Why I’m Doing The Open: Will

Name: Will Robinson Occupation: Camp Operations Manager - Y Camp Deboer - Ashland Family YMCA Years CrossFitting: 4 Did you do The Open last year? If so, did you have any kind of PR’s or try anything new? Yes! PR'd my Squat clean at 252lbs in 18.2b! Why are you doing it this year? I have fun [...]

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What is The Open and Why Should You Do It?

Well, you can read the official CrossFit pitch here. I’ll try not to repeat any of that. Here’s what you need to know: It’s a competition, but it’s not. You’re competing with CrossFit athletes worldwide, but for all of us normal humans, at the end of the day, you’re really just competing with yourself. Still, [...]

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