The Mind is Primary

//The Mind is Primary

The Mind is Primary

Mark Twight was one of CrossFit’s early adopters. He’s a mountaineer turned endurance athlete who built an unlikely career as a trainer to the stars. It hard to find now (for free, at least), but Twight wrote extensively about the proper mental approach to fitness. The video below, taken from the gym Twight founded (cleverly named Gym Jones), provides an overview of Twight’s hypothesis: the mind is primary.

In my mind, one of the main benefits of CrossFit is the mental toughness it builds. I never want to do the workout. I feel the butterflies in my stomach every time the clock is counting down. Self-doubt floods my mind on a regular basis.

But I’m getting tougher.

With every workout I complete, my confidence builds.

And I feel better about myself not only in the gym, but in other areas of my life as well.

It’s surprisingly cathartic to face failure every workout.

It sort of feels like a secret weapon. At this point for me, it’s less about how fast I can move or how much weight I can throw around and more about doing what I fear. Facing down a challenge and conquering it.

And it feels great to do that first thing in the morning.

I’m still learning the lessons of mental toughness, but I wouldn’t be where I am today without CrossFit.

~ Bryan

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