Our Values – pt. 1

//Our Values – pt. 1

Our Values – pt. 1

Hi there – I’m Bryan. I’m the owner of CrossFit Inconceivable. I’ll be taking over the blog (taking it over from, uh, myself) for the next 30 days to share “my story” – an overview of my fitness journey, why I bought a CrossFit gym, what I love about this gym, and whatever else I think might be remotely interesting (keep your expectations low).

I want to start by sharing one of our gym values – fun.

I don’t know about you, but I’m an expert at sucking the fun out of life. Whether it’s at home, where I routinely freak out about dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor, etc. etc. Or at work, where I constantly weigh myself down with the burden of “productivity”.

This neurotic, control-freak mindset used to dictate my fitness life as well. I’d commit to a marathon just because I thought that’s what fit people did (I “should” do a marathon vs. I “want” to do a marathon), only to flunk out of the training program after two weeks. The race itself would be a suffer-fest that tested my willpower, but not my fitness.

Nonetheless, I spent a lot of time in the gym – mainly grinding it out on the treadmill, but neither having fun nor getting fitter.

CrossFit was an epiphany. Working out could be fun! Many CrossFitters pride themselves on our subversive, countercultural approach to fitness and none to me are as important as the fact that we have fun!

It might sound superficial that this is such a big deal to me, but I swear I wouldn’t do it every day if it wasn’t fun. I don’t have that much willpower.

When I went through the drill of coming up with our gym values, I wanted to make sure that having fun was a priority. I want CrossFit Inconceivable to be a place where our members enjoy themselves first and foremost. If you’re not having fun, then we need to step back and investigate where we went wrong.

So how can you go wrong? Well, from my experience, there’s an inverse relationship between expectations and enjoyment – the higher the expectation, the lower the potential for enjoyment (and vice versa).

Still, it’s hard to mandate fun, isn’t it? (This makes me think of taking kids to Disneyland – “all right kids, we spent a fortune to bring you here, you better have the time of your life!”).

What if we just say that we don’t take ourselves too seriously? Let’s just leave a little room for ourselves. We’re human, after all. We have good days, we have bad days. My hope is that CrossFit Inconceivable can bring a little fun to your day.

Member Pledge #1

We pledge to not take ourselves too seriously. Serious fitness is only realized through enjoyment.

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