The CrossFit Games is upon us! The Open is a way for all athletes to take part in the fun. Here’s my reason why I choose to participate in “The Open”:
In short: because it is exhilarating.

I love watching everyone perform to their fullest potential. Something about watching everyone then trying to do the same workout minutes later, just amps me up.

I have gotten so excited over the last couple of years because the atmosphere during the night is so amazing to experience. After watching others go in the first heats, it really makes me want to be the best version of myself.

Getting judged can be so hard for people the first time they decide to compete in the Open. For me, I know it is making me a better athlete. If I have to get full range of motion in a movement to avoid getting “no repped” then I’m going to try harder. At the same time, it always gives me something to improve on for next year.

It really is a great time of year to bring the community together and have 5 workouts that you push yourself, for yourself, and then talk about it all next week until the next workout is revealed. Hope to see you out there!

Coach Rob