I know the busy feeling of this time of year very well: family visits, traveling, shopping for gifts, preparing for meals. Between all of that, I still prioritize making time for myself 1 hour each day (for 4-5 days a week) to maintain my health through movement. It takes a bit more squeezing around and some creativity, but I challenge you all to find those moments and areas where you can do the same. Make it a game if you have to.

Imagine Yourself in Two Different Scenarios:

“I’m so busy this week with traveling I just can’t make it to the gym for a workout until January”


I’m glad I carved out just an hour of time yesterday and today be able to make it to a gym class! Now it’s time for shop for gifts.”

While you might be quick to just group “all of holiday travel” into one big lump of busy, and it seems like you might not ever make it to the gym because it’s Holiday season, I challenge you to look for those cracks of time where you CAN commit to yourself.

In fact, making a plan NOW and prioritizing your schedule around your health and gym times will allow you to get in here a lot more often than you think you are able to this time of year.


Consider the benefits of keeping a moderately consistent habit of making it to the gym a couple times a week (some of you even 4-5 times!):

  • Working out and moving your body around is a form of self care – remember to also take care of yourself so you are able to give even more to others this holiday season.
  • Colder weather and sit down dinners means we tend to move less this time of year. Even setting aside 1 hour of your time each day to move (it doesn’t have to be your best performance or a super strong day) will keep you from that sluggish feeling that comes with lack of movement.
  • Make it easier for you to get back in a faster groove once January hits – at least coming to a workout about 3 times per week will keep your muscle memory fresh with all of our movements and allow you to adapt back into routine quicker when it comes to reviving the energy gas tank.
  • Imagine the feeling of accomplishment after you’re done with your workout and strive to make that happen each week. 90% of the battle is just stepping inside of the gym…if you can just make it here (regardless of how worn down you might feel from work, or if you’re still sore from last week) then you’ve already conquered your day. Just take the time to move, whether it be with lighter weights, more breaks between reps, or scaled movements. You’ll be glad you got your body up and going.

Find and Minimize Those Barriers So You can Get to the Gym!

If you’re finding yourself squeezing in that hour of CrossFit class during lunch hour, earlier in the morning than you are used to, or directly before or after work, set up a routine that allows you to minimize the barriers in getting ready and getting to the gym:

  • Have an extra pair of gym clothes (including long sleeves, shoes, and extra socks) in your car or work bag ready to go. Have an extra pair in your cubby at the gym!
  • Prepare any meals in advance so they are a “grab and go” for those mornings or times where every minute matters in getting out the door.
  • Block out that time in your schedule in advance on your calendar so you don’t end up double booking yourself over a time when you could actually get to the gym.

Remember amongst the feeling of busyness this season to schedule and set aside those small chunks of time for yourself – These are the factors that you CAN control for yourself and establish as your baseline for feeling in control of yourself when travel, shopping, meal planning, holiday parties and work project deadlines start to build up.

Use your 1 hour of class a few times a week as that break and refresher from the rest of life (and leave everything out of the gym once you’re in the gym) so you can get back to life energized, empowered and ready to endure the holidays.

Take care these next few weeks! – Coach Snow