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The best way to know if CrossFit is for you is to experience what a CrossFit class is like:

Step 1: Free Intro Class
Schedule your free intro session to get a feel our classes, for us to get to know you and to answer any other questions you may have! (the free class is totally optional if you know you’re ready for step 2) 
Step 2: Baseline Assessments
We require all new members to have three 1-hour assessment sessions where you work 1-on-1 (or with a friend, if you’d like!) to learn all of the movements and scaling options that we use in our regular class programming. These assessments allow us to learn how you move, what your current range of motion and capabilities are, and teach you the foundations of everything you need to succeed, maintain safe and effective technique in your activity, and reach your goals faster.
Step 3: Take Group Classes!
After completing your first 3 assessment sessions, you will have unlimited classes for the remainder of the month (the month starting the day of your first assessment) – from there, we have a variety of membership options.

Fill out the contact form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm your intro session!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is CrossFit for Me?

Absolutely! Regardless of what age you are, what your activity level has been, what your physical capabilities and limitations are – the CrossFit training style can be modified to fit your needs. We have members as young as 10, as old as 60+, with all athletic and non-athletic background, of all different careers and job types who have increased their strength and flexibility and have gotten closer to the body they’ve wanted in much quicker time than doing gym training on their own.

We understand it may seem intimidating to see other members lifting heavy things and moving in ways that you yourself may have never done before…but every member at our gym all started just like you!

Click here to learn more about What CrossFit Is.

Why is strength training especially important for ages 30+ (or any age?)

Once we reach middle age, our muscle tissue and bone cells start to wither and deteriorate as we get older if we don’t stimulate them to keep growing. Strength and resistance training (that we do all the time in our CrossFit classes with barbells, dumbbells and bodyweight movements) help maintain your muscle fibers and bones so that you can stay strong and more capable of doing your daily tasks with ease as you age.

What happens in our intro session?

Our intro session is a 45-minute small-group class (of all new people) where we lead you through a class from start to finish that includes a warm up, a workout, a cool-down, and a period for answering any questions that you may have about our program. Click here to schedule your first intro session.

What should I bring with me to my free session?

    • Workout clothing that allows you to move comfortably without restriction
    • A filled water bottle if you like to stay hydrated (optional)
    • Comfortable shoes that you are fine walking/running in. Your running sneakers will be just fine for the majority of the movements while starting out!
    • Enthusiasm, an open mind, and a willingness to move your body in ways that you may not usually have moved it before!

(not to worry – every movement that we do in CrossFit is meant to help strengthen you and/or give you more flexibility and range of motion needed for being better at your everyday tasks from carrying heavy items, reaching low and high to grab things, hiking up stairs or steeper elevations, giving you better overall posture).